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How to Cleanse your Crystals, Gemstones and Crystal Skulls

Crystal Grid

Stones of all kinds are energetically alive. Crystals and Gemstones carry their own vibrations and can be influenced by subtle energies and/or thoughts and actions taking place around them. Crystals also have the ability to be cleansed of influences that have touched them before they came into your hands. When gemstones are energetically cleansed they are cleared of all energies other than their own, and until they are used again in ritual or meditation, they will generally remain cleared. For some people, it is important to cleanse, wash and purify their gemstones and crystals before using them. For others it is not. This is really a personal preference, one that you may feel into on an individual basis.

Another way of looking at the list of methods below, is not so much as a "How to Cleanse and Clear", but also "How to Amp Up or Energize your Crystals", "How to Connect and Interact with your Gemstones and Crystal Skulls." If you are a beginner looking for a way to experience crystal skulls and crystal energy this is a great starting point.

Many people ask us how to cleanse or clear Crystals or Crystal Skulls. My answer is almost always, “Go with your inner Guidance.” Feel into your crystal when you first receive it. How does it feel? Does it feel yummy and scrumptious; is it a pure delight? Then maybe it doesn't need cleared at all. But, if you feel guided to make this new gemstone truly a piece of your own, and perhaps also to have a special bonding session with your new crystalline friend, then cleansing your crystals should be easy and fun. Below are a few ideas for consideration, but you may be inspired by something entirely different! The key is to have an open heart and to connect with your stones and or Crystal Skulls just as you would with any person or spirit guide.

There are several methods of cleansing or clearing gemstones. Clean your crystals by the method you feel most appropriate for your particular stone. The only cautions are with Water, Salt, and direct Sunlight . Some stones do not react well to one or the other. Sunlight can bleach the color from some crystals, and it is always best to look up your particular stone type before you work with a water or salt cleanse to be certain that your stones won’t be harmed.

The method of Energy and Intention - This is my personal favorite

Hold your crystal or Crystal Skull with the intention of Pure Love & Light enfolding it. Feel yourself and your crystal being surrounded within a sphere of very supportive white or golden light energy. (You may also play with different colors, if you enjoy color healing!) Begin to feel Cosmic Love and Source Energy flowing throughout your body and directly into your crystal. Stay within this protective sphere for as long as you feel guided. This is also an excellent way to begin any meditation.

Running Water Method - Another Favorite (for appropriate stones only)

Clean Clear Water is an excellent choice for crystal cleansing; especially when using waters from a natural source! Stones can be held in running water, or placed within a dish of pure high energy water. Crystals and gemstones can also be left in the rain, held in a creek, or water can be poured over them. Use only bottled spring water, rain water or energy “healed” water unless it is from a natural spring, creek, river, lake, or ocean. Be careful not to let your crystals be washed away by the tide!!!

**A word of caution regarding water. .. Some crystals will actually dissolve, so double check before you dip!

Smudging Method

Stones can be passed in the smoke of sandalwood incense or the smoke of a sage smudge. Holy Stick can also be very effective and is preferred in many traditions.

Feather or Rattle Method

A bird’s feather or a Native American Rattle can be used to “fluff” up and clear energies. This is a fun and easy light cleanse method for your Crystals and Crystal Skulls. Don’t forget to fluff yourself up a bit too by sweeping the feather or rattle gently about your auric field. It will provide a light energy boost!

Sound Healing Method

Sound Healing is a beautiful way to work with your Crystals, Gemstones, and Crystal Skulls. Toning, Vocalizing, Wind or String instruments, Drumming, Tibetan Bells, Zen Chimes and/or the use of Crystal Singing Bowls all may be used if you are so guided.

Burying Method

Stones can be buried in sea salt, beach sand or in the earth overnight. (If using salt be certain first that your crystal will not be damaged by it.)

Moon Method - A good idea for any Crystal or Crystal Skull!

Stones can be placed on sea salt, beach sand, or directly upon the earth or other natural surface and set where the moonlight of the full moon will fall upon them. This is especially good for moon based rituals. It is best for the stones to be outside, as glass will deflect some light, but the stones may be placed in a window. Also, the New Moon is another powerful time for setting new intentions and for energy growth. A New Moon Grid is a wonderful way to work with Crystals and Crystal Skulls.

Sun Method

For sun based crystal cleansing, place the stone on sea salt, beach sand or directly upon the earth and put it where the sunlight will fall on it for a day. It is best for the stones to be outside, as glass will deflect some light, but the stones may be placed in a window.

** I tend to not use this method with crystals that are of a lighter color as I find it can wash out or bleach away their color! Rainbow Fluorite, Kunzite, and a handful of other Crystals are very Light Sensitive and will FADE in direct sunlight. It’s always best to look it up before setting it out!

Crystal Method

Stones can be situated on a crystal cluster or in a pouch with other high energy crystals and placed in the sunlight or near a lovely plant. This is a safe method for all stones.

Implementing a Crystal Grid can Expand and re-Align the energy's of Crystal Skulls and Gemstones. This is an excellent way to work with intention and to amplify beneficial healing energies.

Purifying with sea or salt water

(Caution! Be certain that your stones are safe for this method first!)

A few stones that should not be cleaned in the salt and water method are listed below. Please read carefully.

Amber, Turquoise, Imperial Topaz, Red Coral, Sedona Red Rock, Fire Opal, Malachite, Moonstone, Opal, all Calcites including all Colors, Angelite, Azurite, Kyanite and Kunzite or any raw or rough stone should not be cleaned with the salt and water soaking method. Any stone with a hardness under 7 should not be cleaned in salt water. If you're not certain of a stones hardness, it’s best to use another method of clearing.

For each stone use one (1) cup pure water, add one (1) teaspoon of salt (Kosher or sea salt is best), stir and add heat to ensure that the salt is fully dissolved. Allow to cool to room temperature. Or, if you are lucky enough to live near the beach, just grab a cup of pure ocean water. Pour the water into a glass bowl. Place your stones in the salt water for at least one hour. After the stones are cleansed and dry, they are ready for use.

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