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Crystal Skulls

  • The Magical Crystal Skulls of Madagascar

    Meet Soul2Shine's Newest Crystal Skulls!

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    The Magical Stones of Madagascar

    Red Hematoid Quartz Crystal Skulls

    Red Hematoid Quartz Crystal Skull Red Hematoid Quartz Crystal Skull

    Golden Healer Quartz Crystal Skulls & Spheres

    Golden Healer Quartz Crystal Skull Golden Healer Quartz Crystal Skull Golden Healer Quartz Crystal Skull

    Golden Healer Quartz Gemstone Sphere Crystal Ball Golden Healer Quartz Gemstone Sphere Crystal Ball Golden Healer Quartz Gemstone Sphere Crystal Ball

    Green Opal Crystal Skulls & Spheres

    Green Opal Crystal Skull 5" Green Opal Carved Crystal Skull 3" Green Opal Crystal Skull 3.1"

    Green Opal Gemstone Sphere Madagascar Green Opal Gemstone Sphere Madagascar

    Labradorite Crystal Skulls

    Labradorite Crystal Skull Carving 4.6" Labradorite Crystal Skull Carving 4" ~ Mystic Rainbow Chevron Labradorite Crystal Skull Carving 3.25" Labradorite Crystal Skull Carving 3" ~ Blue Fire Crown Chakra

    Kambaba Jasper Crystal Skulls

    Kambaba Jasper Crystal Skull 7.25" Life Size Green Kambaba Jasper Crystal Skull 5.8" Green Kambaba Jasper Crystal Skull 4.8 inch

    Merlinite Crystal Skulls & Spheres

    Life Size Merlinite Crystal Skull 7.25" ~ One of a Kind Merlinite Crystal Skull 4" - Last One! Merlinite Crystal Skull 3"

    Merlinite Gemstone Sphere Large Merlinite Gemstone Sphere

    Petrified Wood Crystal Skulls & Spheres

    Petrified Wood Crystal Skull 4" Petrified Wood Crystal Skull 3" - Crystal Cave! Petrified Wood Crystal Skull 3.1"

    Petrified Wood Gemstone Sphere Large

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  • Golden Healer Quartz

    Blog: Metaphysical & Healing Properties of Golden Healer Quartz

    Blog: Metaphysical & Healing Properties of Golden Healer Quartz

    A Stone for connecting with the Healing Golden Ray of the Universe, Golden Healer Quartz absolutely glows with a radiant inner Golden Light. It is Quartz Crystal infused with Sunlight! Or more precisely, inclusions of Iron Oxide.

    Golden Healer Quartz will reveal its true brilliance and changeability under multiple light conditions; our favorite being direct sunlight! Sunlight ignites the Golden Fire within this special stone! For this reason, we strongly feel that this is a stone of transformation and expansion.

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  • 13 Ways to Work with Crystal Skulls

    13 Ways to Connect with Crystal Skulls, an infographic 13 Things To Do with Crystal Skulls - How to Work with Crystal Skulls

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  • Qualities of Black Moonstone

    Black Moonstone

    Black Moonstone is a gorgeous silky smooth stone with a velvety silver flash which plays across its surface when moved about in the light. Its color ranges from a dark slate grey to lighter shades of grey and sometimes reflects a red undertone. This dark color of Moonstone is a very unusual find; coming to us from Madagascar.

    The name Moonstone is derived from this visual effect, or sheen, caused by light diffraction within its crystalline structure. Moonstone is composed of two feldspar species, Orthoclase and Albite. The two species are intermingled during formation. As the newly formed mineral cools, the intergrowth of Orthoclase and Albite separates into stacked, alternating layers. When light falls between these thin, flat layers, it scatters in many directions producing the phenomenon called “Adularescence” or “Chatoyancy”.

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  • How to Cleanse your Crystals, Gemstones and Crystal Skulls

    Crystal Grid

    Stones of all kinds are energetically alive. Crystals and Gemstones carry their own vibrations and can be influenced by subtle energies and/or thoughts and actions taking place around them. Crystals also have the ability to be cleansed of influences that have touched them before they came into your hands. When gemstones are energetically cleansed they are cleared of all energies other than their own, and until they are used again in ritual or meditation, they will generally remain cleared. For some people, it is important to cleanse, wash and purify their gemstones and crystals before using them. For others it is not. This is really a personal preference, one that you may feel into on an individual basis.

    Another way of looking at the list of methods below, is not so much as a "How to Cleanse and Clear", but also "How to Amp Up or Energize your Crystals", "How to Connect and Interact with your Gemstones and Crystal Skulls." If you are a beginner looking for a way to experience crystal skulls and crystal energy this is a great starting point.

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  • Covellite

    Covellite Crystal Skulls Covellite Crystal Skulls

    This new batch of Covellite from Soul2Shine is an American Classic! The Leonard Mine in Butte, Montana was the world’s leading producer of Covellite until its closure in the 1930's. Covellite was mined at a depth of up to 1000 meters! This material is super rare and hard to find and is highly valued and prized by collectors and cutters around the world. Covellite was the first known natural superconductor, and its physical properties have many industrial applications. Metaphysically Speaking, this is equally true! It is extremely rare to find Covellite in carvings of this nature.

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  • Working with Crystal Skulls

    Clear Quartz Crystal Skull Clear Quartz Crystal Skull

    Introduction to Crystal Skulls

    Crystal Skulls are amazing tools for opening ones perceptions to the divine, the ethereal, and the infinite. Crystal Skulls also have the very special ability for helping one to access the higher self through meditation.

    The Edgar Cayce psychic readings explain that, to the ancient ones, the human skull represented the perfectly designed structure through which consciousness comes into this world, and through which consciousness reaches into other worlds. (1602-3) These electrically mysterious skulls may have been devices to help humans reach worlds beyond Earth.

    "Look within. There you will find the answer to every problem. You cannot ask a question that you cannot answer within thine own self, if or when you attune thyself to the Infinite. Thy soul is eternal, thy soul-mind is eternal." - Edgar Cayce

    There are believed to be 13 quintessential Ancient Crystal Skulls, who when reunited will mark the beginning of an enlightened golden era for mankind. Crystal skulls have been found in many ancient cultures including Tibet, Mongolia, and Meso-America. Many small ancient or old crystal skulls have also been found throughout these regions.

    Little is known about these ancient peoples and their interaction with the Crystal Skulls. Why did they create them? What were they used for? What significance did they hold for these people spiritually and or culturally?

    Some believe that the Crystal Skulls are a link back to Atlantis, and that they are highly refined tools for communication and the storing of information.

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  • Soul2Shine's Unique Carving Process

    Uncarved Sugilite Rough Uncarved Sugilite Rough

    As the proprietors of Soul2Shine, Eric and Susan are very hands on when it comes to the carvings they create. Nearly every piece that is offered for sale went through their unique carving process. Firstly, they source rare high energy gemstone rough for carving from mines and miners all over the world; continually updating their stockpiles, and spending long months waiting for multiple shipments to arrive before moving to the next step. When the time is finally right, usually once per year, they spend about 2 months selecting through each stone by hand, putting eyes on and feeling into each raw piece, deciding what it will ultimately yield. The process of creation for all of Soul2Shine’s finished gemstone and crystal products is a long one! Sometimes it takes years before finally making a decision to carve certain stones at all, and at the minimum, it will be at least one complete year before a single rough stone makes its journey from raw unfinished stone to its finished carved state.

    During Eric’s teenage years, he worked in a lapidary studio producing his own special creations. His favorite style of carving came from letting the stone take its own shape and form during the carving process. These creations were called free forms. He also made plenty of others carvings including spheres, designer cabochons, pendant beads and wands from all types of rough lapidary materials. His favorite two stones to work with were Sugilite and Gem Silica. During this time he learned a great deal about carving rock and how rough stone would react to the carving process. He then began working with carvers overseas and eventually found a family whom he began to work with exclusively. This enabled Eric to design and produce extremely high quality complex carvings from his own hand selected materials.

    In the mid 90’s Eric and Susan met and fell in love. Knowing that they each shared a deep passion for the natural world and the Mineral Kingdom alike, it seemed only appropriate that they would begin to work closely together in the gem and mineral business. This was also a time of exploration and discovery. In the spring of 1994 Eric introduced Susan to the idea of Crystal Skulls. Crystal Skulls were a new and unknown territory at that time, especially for Susan! Eric had been carving Contemporary Crystal Skulls since the mid 80’s, but the idea didn't really take off until around 1997, as more people were connecting online through the internet.

    Because Eric & Susan manage their own carving company, they can also take special orders. For instance, if you have a favorite stone that you found on a hiking trail or on a particular journey, and would like to see it carved into a gemstone heart, sphere, or crystal skull, they can do that! This is also true for any Special Rough Stones that you have purchased and would like to turn into beads or any other shapes you can imagine. All Eric & Susan need is a finished sample of the ideal shape that you would like to have carved if that particular shape is not currently offered in their store.

    This Highly Detailed 12" Sugilite carving of the Maya Stela H is a special order Eric & Susan are particularly proud of:

    Maya Stela H Sugilite Carving

    This gorgeous Mayan Stela was commissioned to be carved from this large single piece of Sugilite rough (pictured below) that Eric procured specifically for the project. With painstaking attention to detail Susan created the images that the carvers ultimately used as a reference for finishing this incredible piece. It is truly one of a kind!

    Rough Sugilite Stone

    Eric & Susan literally have TONS of rough material for carving stored in their stockpiles. In fact, it could be said that their favorite part of the gemstone business is BUYING raw materials like Crystals, Jaspers, Agates, and other rare, unusual, and hard to find stones for the purpose of carving. It has become something of an obsession!

  • New Shipment Update: It’s here!

    All we can say is, WOW!

    Hematoid Included Red Fire Quartz Crystal Skulls NEW: Hematoid Included Red Fire Quartz Crystal Skulls and Carvings.

    Now the real work begins…. This is our largest shipment in many years. It will probably be 3 weeks or more of 12 hour days before we are ready to unveil the new stones…

    We are absolutely beside ourselves; we’ve been opening boxes seemingly non-stop. The sheer volume of what we are unpacking is quite staggering. But we are so very pleased to see all the shining new faces! The new stones are incredible! Each piece we have unwrapped has been intricately carved with the best polish we have ever seen. Our carvers have really blown us away this time.

    Above is a little teaser pic of our new Fire Quartz. This is clear quartz included by beautiful sprays of Red Hematite. It is known by many names, including Strawberry Quartz, Harlequin Quartz, Hematoid Quartz, and Red Quartz.

    New stones from this shipment include: Black Moonstone, Red Quartz, Golden Healer Quartz, Pyrite Included Quartz, Rose Quartz, Lavender Quartz, Moon Quartz, Blue Calcite, Tiger Eye, Labradorite, Polychrome Jasper, Kambaba Jasper, Red Jasper, Septarian Nodule, Aquamarine, Ruby in Zoisite, Ruby in Kyanite, Sunstone, Ruby Feldspar, Carnelian, Ajoite, Meteorite, California Blue Chert, Big Sur California Blue Jade, Madagasi Agate, Royal Maya Agate, Fossil Dinosaur Bone, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Apatite, Atlantisite, Lapis Lazuli, and Obsidian.

    We carved some really cool new shapes this time around too! You can expect to see new Tibetan Phurpa's, Gemstone Hearts, Rock Stars, Crystal Lucky Cats, Goddesses and Goddess Beads, and lots of new Focal Beads! And this particular selection of Crystal Skulls has really inspired us! Also new are a large selection of gemstone carved Frogs, Panthers, Snakes, and even Sharks!

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