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New Crystal Skulls for 2015!

New Crystal Skulls for 2015

Yttrium Fluorite, Black Flint & Green Opal

Happy New Year!

Soul2Shine is starting off 2015 with 275 new Crystal Skulls now available on our website! Browse our Crystal Skull Category to view them all...  A few new, rare and unusual additions to look for this time around will be Yttrian Fluorite from Mexico, Chocolate Flint from Poland, and Green Opal from Australia.

We've been very busy this month preparing these lovely new offerings and look forward to getting another 325 or more different stones and shapes ready for February. Not only will there be a selection of Yttrium Fluorite, Black Flint and Green Opal Goddess Beads, but here will also be a large presentation of Sugilite jewelry to look forward to then as well. So hopefully, we'll be writing again next month with many new offerings of Goddesses, Spheres, Animals, Beads, and Jewelry!

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Yttrian Fluorite Crystal SkullYttrian Fluorite Crystal SkullYttrian Fluorite Crystal Skull Black Flint Crystal SkullBlack Flint Crystal SkullBlack Flint Crystal Skull Green Opal Crystal SkullGreen Opal Crystal SkullGreen Opal Crystal Skull

Yttrium Fluorite This beautiful purple stone is the result of an uncommon occurrence, the blending of two minerals, Yttrium and Fluorite. This stone was found in Mexico many years ago.

Black Flint Flint is a stone with deep roots in the ancestry of our prehistoric past. It was thought of as having immense magical powers for illuminating the once impenetrable darkness of night, as it contained the spark of Fire...

Australian Green Opal A rare treat for the crystal skull collector in all of us; Opal is a tough stone to carve! This gorgeous Green Opal comes to us from Australia. Very translucent and gemmy when held up to a direct light source.

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