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Siberian Fossilized Jet Tumbled Stone

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Size: 41 x 36 x 14 mm
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This is a gorgeous Large & Smooth piece of Jet. It is a smooth flat black in color with a soft satin polish. It must be held and felt to believe!

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Jet:

Jet is a remarkable stone of Light energy. Meditation with this stone brings an incomparable lightness of Spirit. It is easy to feel the deep protective energies exuding from this stone, they bring peace and ease of mind for releasing the unfettered Free Spirit!

Jet works within the environment which it is placed to cleanse and protect. When held, this stone works to open and activate the movement of energy up the spine from the base chakra to the crown: Empowering the Creative Self.

This Siberian Jet measures 41 x 36 x 14 mm.