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Raven's Hand Carved Aztec Dolomite Crystal Skull

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Size 2" or 50 mm front to back
Weight 80 grams
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Here is a very fine Aztec Dolomite crystal skull. It has been blessed with WILDLY intriguing patterns that set this little-known Dolomite apart from the rest. This fine, natural stone was mined in Mexico.

This skull is a good size, it measures 2 inches or 50 mm long and weighs in at precisely 80 grams. It exhibits well defined realism in shape and features, including Raven's trademark hollowed-out cheekbones and jaw. A glossy polish is the icing on the cake, making this beautiful skull-being gentle in the hands and easy on the eyes!

Metaphysically, the Symbol of the Skull represents The Higher Mind. To attain the higher mind of spiritual awareness and psychic ability we must be released from the thrall of the lower cognitive mind. The Skull also symbolizes Change, which is truly the great healer of all situations, conditions, and troubles. Without Change in our lives, we do not spiritually grow.

In many cultures around the world, the Skull is seen as the House of the Soul and revered because of its tremendous importance to us as human beings.

It is my experience that working with a Crystal Skull is a multi-dimensional journey of discovery, enlightenment, and growth. They can be excellent catalysts for Healing, Dreamwork, Meditation, Past Life Recall, Spiritualism and Self-Improvement on many levels. Anyone with an interest in Metaphysics should have a Crystal Skull!

Metaphysically, Aztec Dolomite is called The Stone of Cause and Effect. It gives a realization to the user that all things happen for a reason and that there is always something that can be learned no matter what the situation is. This stone provides a gentle grounding while stimulating the intellectual centers. A wonderful muse for those involved in the creative arts!

Aztec Dolomite vibrates to the number 5, it is associated with Pisces, Aries, and Scorpio.