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Rare Large Sugilite Quan Guan Yin Statue Carving

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Size 7-5/8" tall 5-3/4" wide 2-1/2" deep 
Weight 4.4 Lbs or 1.99 Kg
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Gem Sugilite Quan Yin Carving

This material comes from South Africa; it was mined about 30 years ago. Sugilite is now all but impossible to find, making it incredibly rare. We carved this piece in the mid 1990's. Remarkable detail and Elegance! She is truly a family heirloom!!!

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Sugilite:

Sugilite has numerous beneficial properties. Among them are protection from negative influences in one's environment. It is a very important stone for Feng Shui, as it aids one in creating a positive individual space amidst the chaos of a large city. The protective aspects of Sugilite are exceptional. Carrying or wearing a piece of Sugilite sets up a sort of "Shield of Light" around the wearer, making one impervious to the disharmony of others. This sort of protection is especially important for gentle souls who tend to take on whatever energies are around them.

Sugilite also aids in calming ones emotions and infusing the spirit with Love. Sugilite attracts healing powers and is wonderful for spiritual grounding. Sugilite brings in the awakening of the crown chakra, the emanation of the pure Violet Ray, and a strong influence of healing.

Size 7-5/8" tall 5-3/4" wide 2-1/2" deep 

Weight 4.4 Pounds or 1.99 KG