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Sedona Red Rock Crystal Skull 3" ~ Last One

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Size: 3-1/16" or 78 mm
Weight: 270 grams
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This Crystal Skull participated in the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull events in Sedona Arizona in 2007 & 2008. There it soaked up the powerful energies of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. Crystal Skull activation ceremonies and Crystal Skull meditations were a focal point of these events.

This Crystal Skull is completely activated and fully charged!

Vortex Energies:
The Sedona Red Rock we used to carve these Crystal Skulls came from a spiritual retreat on Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona. A very special place in Sedona for connecting with the Archangels. This special place has an unusually high number of energy lines that cross the land. Consequently there are many vortexes and special energy sites. Some are directly aligned with our chakras and meridians, some correspond to various levels of our consciousness, and others connect to the Higher Consciousness of the Angels and other Celestial Beings of Light. These Crystal Skulls have direct energies for all of these purposes.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Sedona Red Rock:

Sedona Red Rock carries the spiritual vibrations of Sedona, Arizona and its Vortex energies. Open yourself to the High Vibrational energy and Healing Powers of Sedona and you will find yourself opening for even greater shifts within your Being. Sedona Red Rock is an excellent stone for connecting with this Sacred Place even over great distances.

This Red Rock Sedona Crystal Skull is hand carved.

This Red Rock Crystal Skull measures 3-1/16 inches front to back.

This is one of our High Definition carvings with carved out jaw and cheekbones; the underside of the skull has also been fully detailed.