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Verdite Goddess Carving

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Size: 2.625 x 1.25 x .5 inches
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A Soul2Shine Original!
Mother Earth Goddesses Designed and Created by Soul2Shine

This is a beautiful goddess carving cut from deep green Flower Verdite. An uplifting way to celebrate the feminine aspect within us all.

She is the pure expression of Love!

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Verdite:

Verdite can be used to access, and to gain information from, the ancient wisdom of our planet. It also increases one's fortitude and reliability. Stimulates the energy centers. Encourages movement of the Kundalini.

This beautiful Earth Goddess is completely Hand Carved.

This Verdite Mother Earth Goddess measures approximately 2.625 x 1.25 x .5 inches. 

This Mother Earth Goddess is hand carved with a polished flat back.