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Zincite Crystal Fluorescent Display Mineral Specimen

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Size: 39 x 3 mm
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An outstanding Display Specimen of Zincite with very highly sought after Color.

Zincite is the mineral formation of zinc oxide (Zn,Mn2+,Fe2+)O. Its formation is very rare. It has a hexagonal crystal structure, it's color depends on the presence of other minerals such as Iron or Manganese. These pieces will also Change Color under long wave UV lights, or Black Lights!

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Zincite:

Zincite teaches the spiritual process of creation and manifestation. It is a powerful stimulator of the upper Chakras, particularly the third eye and crown. It enables one to open to intense high-frequency energy, grounding that energy through the lower chakras and giving it form through creation.

Olawa (Oława), Lower Silesia, Poland

This beautiful Zincite crystal measures 39 x 3 mm.