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Pele - Goddess of Divine Passion

Dance the Sacred Ancient Rhythms of Earth with Pele ~ The Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanos

Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanos & Fire. She is a true Earth Goddess in that she is deeply involved with Earthly Forces and Creation itself. In ancient Hawaiian chants she is known as "She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land".

As the Hawaiian goddess of volcanos, Pele's dynamic strength is sometimes misunderstood. She shows us that fire can purify, release us from the old to make way for the new, and ignite our passions. Without fire, nothing would change. Call upon Pele to help you get in touch with your true passion, and to charge up your motivation and excitement. Pele will help you feel everything on a deeper level, so be unafraid of taking action to manifest your heart's desires.

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Ancient Hawaiian mythology:

Legend states that Pele was born to the the Creator of the sky, earth and upper heavens, Kane Milohai, and an ancient earth goddess, Haumea. As a child in the mythical land of Kuaihelan, Pele was full of passions. She kept close to her mother's fireplace with her Uncle, the fire-keeper, Lono-makua. Lono-makua taught Pele the wise use of fire's sacred power.

Her older sister Nā-maka-o-Kahaʻi, a sea goddess, began to fear that Pele's ambition would destroy their magical kingdom; and therefor banished Pele to the physical world of Earth. Sent away in a canoe with her younger sister Hiʻiaka (the spirit of the dance) and three brothers, Pele made her way to the Big Island of Hawai'i, visiting each of the Hawaiian islands as she traveled.

On her journey, Pele was accredited with forging many landmarks that are well-known today. Pele was believed to have created a large fire pit on Kauai, and on Oahu the crater at Honolulu that later became known as Diamond Head. This journey ultimately led to her final resting place in the crater at the summit of the Kilauea Volcano, which is known as Halemaumau Crater.

Landing on the Big Island, Pele then used the Hawaiian divining rod "Pa'oa" in order to find her new home. Each time her great staff came down upon the Earth, a caldera (great fire pit) was created. Thus were formed the "Chain of Craters" which mark the land many times from the sea up the mountainside all the way to the mountaintop at Kilauea on the Southeast side of the Big Island.

Pele and her digging stick Pa'oa Pele and her digging stick Pa'oa

In the image above, atop her 'o'o (digging stick), named Pa'oa, is a carved image of her uncle Lono-makua, who taught Pele the wise use of fire's sacred power. The goddess also caries with her an egg bearing her youngest sister, Hi'iakaikapoliopele, whose regenerative power restores life to the land.

Pele's dwelling place is believed to be the fire pit called Halemaʻumaʻu crater. It is on the summit caldera of Kilauea, one of the Earth's most active volcanoes; but her domain encompasses all volcanic activity on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi.  The volcano is a natural monument to the goddess.

Predominant Elements: Fire & Spirit Supoorting Elements: Earth & Water

A Message from Pele:

"Be honest with yourself: What is your heart's true desire?"

If you listen to the sound of your heart and breath, you'll recognize the ancient rhythms of your own internal drumming. This forever connects you to the Mother of all creation, and to the sound of planet Earth. These rhythms can't be faked or forged; they're natural and eternal. What part of you are you trying to ignore? What part of you has been overly concerned about pleasing others, to the detriment of hearing the sounds of your own rhythm? Dear Child, reach out your arms to embrace your dreams. They're just as much a part of nature as the rocks and trees. Your own dreams deserve the same respect that you accord to everyone and everything that you love. Listen to them my child. Listen to your dreams. They'll activate the powerful eruption of passion in your life. Don't be afraid of your own passion, for it will propel you naturally and will excite and invigorate you. When you dance to the rhythms of your life you're truly alive in all ways!  -- Doreen Virtue, Goddess Guidence Oracle Cards

Igniting your Passion: Give yourself permission to go for it! Make an honest assesment of how you spend your time. Then list your priorities. Start a hobby or take a class on a subject that excites you. Plan an adventure or vacation. Invest time and money in manifesting your dreams. Does your career match your true interests? Does the idea of changing careers excite you?

Pele and the Sea

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