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Corn Maiden Sedona Red Rock Native American Zuni Fetish

These Corn Maiden carvings measure approximately 2.5 x 1 x 1 inches. You will receive one Corn Maiden that is similar to the ones shown in the photos.
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Full Description


Corn is to Pueblo people what the buffalo has always been to the Plains Indians, the very symbol of LIFE. In Zuni mythology, the Corn Maidens brought this gift, and many of the carvings of women, especially those with a criss-cross pattern on the body, are carved to pay homage to the Corn Maidens.

Uti Hiata is the Pawnee name for "Mother Corn," one of the most important divinities of the Plains Indian culture. Their neighbors, the Arikara, told the Corn Mother's story in detail:

From the great blue lake of creation, diving ducks brought up bits of silt to build prairies and foothills. Sky father Nesaru, seeing giants populating the earth, sent a great flood to destroy them; he replanted the earth with maize seeds, which sprouted into human beings. Then he sent Uti Hiata to assist at their birth.

Finding no one on earth, Uti Hiata walked and walked. Suddenly the thunder kidnapped her and hid her beneath the earth. There, she gathered the underworld animals-the mole, the mouse, the badger-and with their help dug through the ground and burst out into the sun. As she emerged, so did the people of the plains, to whom she taught secrets of life and magic and the methods of agriculture and of religious ritual. Satisfied that humanity would live in abundance, she disappeared from the earth, leaving the cedar as an emblem of her existence.

Vortex Energies:
The Sedona Red Rock we used to carve this corn maiden came from a spiritual retreat on Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona. A very special place in Sedona. This special place has an unusually high number of energy lines that cross the land. Consequently there are many vortexes and special energy sites. 

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Sedona Red Rock:

Sedona Red Rock carries the spiritual vibrations of Sedona, Arizona and its Vortex energies. Open yourself to the High Vibrational energy and Healing Powers of Sedona and you will find yourself opening for even greater shifts within your Being. Sedona Red Rock is an excellent stone for connecting with this Sacred Place even over great distances.

This Red Rock Sedona Corn Maiden is hand carved.

These beautiful contemporary carvings of "Mother Corn" or the "Corn Maiden" are carved from Sedona Red Rock.

These Corn Maiden carvings measure approximately 2.5 x 1 x 1 inches.

You will receive one Corn Maiden that is similar to the ones shown in the photos.

Connecting with your Crystal

Welcome your new crystal into your home by setting aside a little one on one time for just the two of you! Sit with your crystal and feel its energy opening and connecting with your heart center. Find a special place to keep your crystal where you will see it often and be able to connect with it. Working with Crystals for Crystal Healing is a fun, easy way to elevate your personal energy and deepen your connection with Mother Earth. Each Crystal is unique and offers its own special gifts. See our Crystal Definitions page for more info on specific crystal types.

How to Activate your Crystal

Crystals love to work with a purpose! In general, they are already “Turned On” and busy doing their own thing: Elevating Energies and pumping out Good Vibes! This is their natural state. We can tap into these elevated energies and combine forces by working with our crystals to expand and elevate our own energies and to connect with our highest self. This is done through activation and will set a field of expanded energies that will help us in our daily lives as we practice and deepen this connection with our crystalline friends.

To begin an activation, clear your mind and sit quietly with your crystal. Connect with your heart center and through your heart center connect with the crystal you are holding. This crystal is sharing its love and light with you, as you share your love and light with your crystal.

Think of activation as the growing and expansion of energy layers. The first activation establishes a connection between the crystal and the user, creating the first layer. These layers continue to grow, for both ourselves and the crystal, as we continue to connect. This energy field becomes more stable over time as we continue to connect and reconnect.

Cleansing your Crystal

Stones of all kinds are energetically alive. Crystals and Gemstones carry their own vibrations and can be influenced by subtle energies and/or thoughts and actions taking place around them. Crystals also have the ability to be cleansed of influences that have touched them before or after they have come to you. When gemstones are energetically cleansed they are cleared of all energies other than their own, and until they are used again in ritual or meditation, they will generally remain cleared. For some people, it is important to cleanse, wash and purify their gemstones and crystals before using them. For others it is not. This is really a personal preference, one that you may feel into on an individual basis.

Feel into your crystal when you first receive it. How does it feel? Does it feel yummy and scrumptious; is it a pure delight? Then maybe it doesn't need cleared at all. But, if you feel guided to make this new gemstone truly a piece of your own, and perhaps also to have a special bonding session with your new crystalline friend, then cleansing your crystals should be easy and fun. Below are a few ideas for consideration, but you may be inspired by something entirely different! The key is to have an open heart and to connect with your crystals just as you would with any person or spirit guide.

Listed below is one of our favorite methods. For a more exhaustive list of possibilities, see our Crystal Cleansing Guide.

Cleansing your crystals with the method of energy and intention:

Hold your crystal with the intention of Pure Love & Light enfolding it. Feel yourself and your crystal being surrounded within a sphere of very supportive white or golden light energy. (You may also play with different colors, if you enjoy color healing!) Begin to feel Cosmic Love and Source Energy flowing throughout your body and directly into your crystal. Stay within this protective sphere for as long as you feel guided. This is also an excellent way to begin any meditation.