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Fossil Jet Activated Crystal Skull Siberia 2"

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Size: approx. 2" front to back
Weight: approx. 47 grams
You will receive a Jet Crystal Skull that is similar to the photos.
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These Crystal Skulls participated in the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull events in Sedona Arizona in 2007 & 2008. There they soaked up the powerful energies of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. Crystal Skull activation ceremonies and Crystal Skull meditations were a focal point of these events.

These Crystal Skulls are completely activated and fully charged!

These Unique &  Rare Crystal Skulls are hand carved from Fossilized Coal also known as Jet. This Jet comes to us from Sibera

This offering is for one Jet Crystal Skull that is similar to the one shown in the photos.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Jet:

Jet is a remarkable stone of Light energy. Meditation with this stone brings an incomparable lightness of Spirit. It is easy to feel the deep protective energies exuding from this stone, they bring peace and ease of mind for releasing the unfettered Free Spirit!  Jet works within the environment which it is placed to cleanse and protect. When held, this stone works to open and activate the movement of energy up the spine from the base chakra to the crown: Empowering the Creative Self.

These gorgeous Jet Crystal Skulls measure approximately 2 inches front to back. 

These beautiful carvings of the human skull are meticulously detailed by hand with extreme care for realism.

Carved with hollowed jaw & cheek bones they articulate the perfection of the Human Skull carved in stone.

You will receive one Jet Crystal Skull that is similar to the skull shown in the photos.