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3" Madagascar Agate Crystal Healing Wand

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Size: 3.1" long, .81" wide, or 78 x 20 mm
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This Crystal Wand is a beautiful lightkeeper's tool carved from Madagascar Agate.

This stone comes to us from the enchanted isle of Madagascar.

This is some of the most captivating Agate we have seen. The mixed colors and patterns really bring the stone to life. Simply divine!

Madagascar Agate is a stone of Creativity, Magic, Wonder, and Awe. It works to stimulate the crown chakra and the energies of the auric body, encouraging unconditional love and allowing for the recognition that unconditional love is the unchanging current of our Universe.

This agate wand measures 3.1 inches long, and .81 inches wide, or 78 x 20 mm.

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