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Angelite Goddess Bead Crystal Gemstone Pendant

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Size: 40 x 218 x 6 mm Approx. 2mm hole
You will receive one similar to the photos.
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A Soul2Shine Original!
Mother Earth Goddesses Designed and Created by Soul2Shine

These beautiful Goddess pendants are carved from heaven sent Angelite.

This offering is for one Angelite Goddess bead that is similar to the ones shown in the photo.

An uplifting way to celebrate the feminine aspect within us all!

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Angelite:

Angelite works to enhance one's connections to the higher domains -- to one's spirit guides, teachers, and guardian angels. It is an excellent stone for balancing the physical & etheric energies, for telepathy and astral travel, for creating a psychic shield of protection & for promoting peace. It is an inner key to the realms of Light.

These Angelite Goddess beads measure approximately 40 x 18 x 6 mm.

You will receive one Angelite Goddess Bead that is similar to the one shown in the photos.

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