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Black Moonstone Gaia Carved Mother Earth Goddess

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Size: 65 x 30 x 10 mm or 2.625 x 1.25 x .5 inches
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A Soul2Shine Original!

Mother Earth Goddesses Designed and Created by Soul2Shine

This beautiful Moon Earth Goddess is hand carved from hypnotic Silver Flash Black Moonstone. A very rare and beautiful piece of Black Moonstone from Madagascar! Very chatoyant and flashy. When moved around under the light she glow with an inner radiance that shines like the moon.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Black Moonstone:

Black Moonstone is a stone of deep feminine energies. It enhances intuition and inner knowing. Black Moonstone helps one to connect with their own feelings and emotions. Black Moonstone is a stone for "feeling", and understanding via intuition and emotional "thoughts", rather than via intellectual reasoning. Balance, introspection, intuition, cleansing, lunar, and dreamtime are keywords associated with Black Moonstone.

This Black Moonstone Moon Earth Goddess measures approximately 2.6 x 1.1 x .5 inches.

This Mother Earth Goddess is hand carved with a polished flat back.

An uplifting way to celebrate the feminine aspect within us all.