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Blue Copper USA Covellite Crystal Skull 1.8"

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Size: 1.8 inches front to back
Weight: 125 grams
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Here is the Ultra Rare Copper Ore from Butte, Montana: Covellite; Beautiful and HARD to FIND! This gorgeous high content copper ore was largely crushed and smelted into copper. Very little was saved for its unique qualities as a mineral specimen. Butte, Montana exhausted its copper resources and therefore, Covellite is extremely rare and virtually unavailable.

This carved Crystal Skull of Cobalt Blue Covellite is highlighted with beautiful pyrite inclusions. Heavy, Shiny, Cobalt Blue, Metal. Covellite is all these things and so much more. It is a stone of incredible Beauty and Wonder.

Key Words: Psychic abilities, inner vision, transformation, bridging the higher and lower worlds.

Chakras: All

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Covellite:

Covellite carries a frequency which acts as a powerful stimulator of one's vision and psychic ability. It activates the third-eye and crown chakras and encourages visionary work such as remote viewing, alternate-life recall, lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Covellite is an excellent support for past life work and karmic healing; it can also help one access lifetimes spent in other realms - such as experiences in alternate dimensions or extraterrestrial lives.

Covellite is very grounding in that it connects strongly with physical reality and Earth energies and at the same time carries much of the higher spectrum of vibrations from the etheric plane and beyond.

Covellite is a powerful psychic stimulator. It can assist in bringing conscious dreams into realities; allowing one to maintain humility of spirit and to recognize that energy, when properly understood, can bring miracles to ones life.

Covellite is also known as Covelline.

This piece would be excellent addition to any stone or crystal skull collection.

This Covellite Crystal Skull measures 1.8 inches front to back and weighs 125 grams.

The rendering of the human skull in stone is a representation of the inner self. It is a powerful divination tool when used for self discovery and works to open the gateways of enlightenment.

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