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Blue Indicolite Tourmaline Crystal, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Size: 27 x 19 x 13 mm
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This is an outstanding Crystal specimen of Clear Blue Tourmaline encrusted with sparkling Lepidolite clusters.

From the world famous Tourmaline Mine: Pederneira Mine, São José da Safira, Governador Valadares, Rio Doce, Minas Gerais, Southeast Region, Brazil

Indicolite is one of the rarest colors of Tourmaline and this specimenis loaded with color!

Similar to Watermelon Tourmaline with Green Skin and Pink Flesh, these crystals have a unique bi-color formation. Blue on the outside and Pink inside.

A stone of color rich intensity! This is an Exciting and RARE piece, certain to add charisma to any collection! These crystals are exceptionally clear as seen in the photos.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Blue Tourmaline:

Blue Tourmaline aids in the quest for spiritual growth. Blue Tourmaline increases psychic awareness. Blue Tourmaline also increases healing powers. Blue Tourmaline corresponds to all chakras in terms of clearing, but particularly to the throat and third eye chakras.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Lepidolite:

Lepidolite is an excellent stone for reducing stress. It's energy is refreshing. It is a stone of universal light, hope, and acceptance.

This Indicolite Tourmaline crystal measures 27 x 19 x 13 mm.

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