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Clear Quartz Crystal Skull 2.5"

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Size: 2.5" front to back
Weight: 144 grams
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This dazzling Clear Quartz Crystal Skull was masterfully Hand Carved and Detailed. This Crystal skull is much nicer in person!

Imagine the expansive realities that will be realized with this wonderful quartz crystal skull.

The representation of the human skull carved in stone is a powerful image. It is one which corresponds with our deepest human emotions, hopes, and dreams. It is a gateway to the inner soul. By bringing a crystal skull to sacred places, bringing it in contact with other skulls, especially ancient ones, and allowing people to work with them, it will continually increase the information stored. In this way crystal skulls become an increasing valuable tool on our path of transformation.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Quartz Crystal:

Quartz Crystal stimulates psychic perception. It amplifies, stores, focuses, transmits, and transforms energy. Quartz works with all the chakras; however, especially clear quartz opens the crown chakra. Quartz amplifies visualizations and is great for meditation and co creation. It assists one in being receptive to higher communication and guidance. Quartz Crystal has been used for centuries as a tool for meditation and healing. It is a stone of immense capabilities when coupled with the human psyche. It is a gateway to the inner soul.

This quartz crystal skull was hand carved with the utmost attention to realism.  This piece expresses the perfection of the human skull carved in stone.

This quartz crystal skull measures 2.5 inches front to back.

This is natural quartz crystal with beautiful and interesting internal inclusions. 

The crystal skull makes immediate resonant identification with the mind and heart of a human and can potentially assist human beings to download information for higher dimensional communication. By placing a crystal skull within ones environment, one can access varied frequencies of expanded consciousness.

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