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Chalcedony Moon Face Pendant Bead ( 1 Piece )

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Size: 26 x 9 mm Approx. 2mm hole
You will receive one similar to the photos.
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These Moon beads are carved from Chalcedony that is white with a hint of blue.  

This offering is for one Chalcedony Moon bead that is similar to the ones shown in the photo.

A serene and majestic "Man in the Moon" face has been hand carved onto these stunning round focal beads.

Chalcedony evokes the power of the summer sky transitioning from calm tranquility to the excitement of an electrically charged thunder storm.  Chalcedony is highly sought after as a gem stone for its beautiful translucent coloring and gorgeous inner radiance.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Chalcedony:

Chalcedony provides an immediate connection with the Heart Chakra, it encourages the passions of life! Chalcedony represents the beginnings of life, holding the child aspect within a very feminine aura.

Chalcedony is a stone for healing the Soul and enlivening the Spirit. It works to activate and open the heart and throat chakras, providing for an eloquence of speech which comes directly from the heart. Ancient wisdom is held deep within this stone. Calm on the surface, the energies move soft and smooth. The inner realms, however, spiral with activity. The keyword for Chalcedony is Integration.

These lovely Moon Beads measure approximately 26 x 9 mm.

You will receive one Chalcedony moon bead that is similar to the one shown in the photo.

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