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Awaken Potential with Crystal Skulls and the Chakras

Posted by Susan Youngman on 31st Oct 2015

Awaken Potential with Crystal Skulls and the Chakras

A weekend event with Crystal Skull Author Jaap van Etten, PhD November 6th - 8th ~ Bellingham, WA

Friday Night Lecture: Crystal Skulls, Tools to Expand Consciousness

Crystal skulls have been used for thousands of years. Today we begin to remember and re-discover the wonderful gifts of these tools. In this lecture we will look at the gifts the skulls offer us on our spiritual journey. These gifts vary from healing, to stimulating brain function for a more productive and powerful life, to expanding consciousness.

Friday November 6, 2015, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm Costs $25.00

Saturday Workshop Crystal Skulls: A Journey to Oneness

This powerful workshop opens the doorway to working with crystal skulls as super-tools to Oneness.  Ancient and contemporary crystal skulls have extraordinary gifts. If you are looking for a powerful support on your spiritual journey, this workshop is designed for you. Topics include: connecting with a crystal skull, awakening its potential and increasing your vibration. You do not need to have a crystal skull to participate. If you have one, please bring it along. There will also be crystal skulls available for purchase.

Saturday November 7, 2015 from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. Cost $110.00 - Please bring a lunch!

Sunday Workshop Exploring the 14 Chakras with Crystal Skulls

Traditions teach there are 7 chakras connected to our physical body. Jaap’s work with the human energy system and the energy system of Mother Earth has shown him that there are 14 chakras!  In this workshop you will learn:  the 14 chakras; the energy flow of the 7 chakras (masculine approach to life); the energy flow of the 14 chakras (feminine approach to life). Understanding both will help you to balance your system, give you the opportunity to increase the power of the Divine feminine energies, and help you to know yourself on a deeper level and find ways to improve your interactions with the world around you.

Sunday November 8, 2015 from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. Cost $110.00 - Please bring a lunch!

Both workshops together: $200.00. When doing either one of the workshops, the lecture is $15.00

Jaap van Etten Ph.D. is an internationally known speaker, workshop facilitator and healer. Jaap is the author of “Gifts of Mother Earth”, “Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomena”, “Crystal Skulls: Expand Your Consciousness”, and “Birth of a New Consciousness”. Jaap and his wife Jeanne reside in the Sedona AZ area.  See their website: for more information.

To reserve your place please call Wise Awakening at 360-756-8075 or email: