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Posted by Susan Youngman on 21st Dec 2020


Covellite Crystal Skulls

Covellite Crystal Skulls

This new batch of Covellite from Soul2Shine is an American Classic! The Leonard Mine in Butte, Montana was the world’s leading producer of Covellite until its closure in the 1930's. Covellite was mined at a depth of up to 1000 meters! This material is super rare and hard to find and is highly valued and prized by collectors and cutters around the world. Covellite was the first known natural superconductor, and its physical properties have many industrial applications. Metaphysically Speaking, this is equally true! It is extremely rare to find Covellite in carvings of this nature.

Covellite has been a favorite stone of Eric’s since his teenage years when he first began carving stone. It is solid metal with high copper content, weighty in the hand with a gleam that steals the heart and delves the soul. It is a stone of Magic and Dreams.

About 10 years ago we were lucky enough to buy a small parcel of Covellite Rough from which Eric and I each carved a skull for ourselves. These have been treasures of our Crystal Skull collection ever since. Eric kept the larger skull and I the smaller piece which is perfectly pocket size and has traveled with me on just about every important journey that I’ve taken these past 10 years. It has been with many of the Ancients including the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, Synergy, Max, Einstein and Sha-Na-Ra. I have traveled many times to Sedona and taken it out on the land there and to many meditations both abroad and at home. Regardless of the small size of this little Covellite crystal skull, it holds and expands with all of these energies with ease. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fill it up! Covellite is an incredible stone for absorbing these special subtle energies, both Mystical and Earth related, enhancing my ability to go deeper and to expand further.

What amazes me most about my Covellite Crystal Skull is the strong immediate heart connection that I feel when I sit with him. I’m always in awe of the protective energies that I experience surrounding me while in a meditative state with this piece. And this is why Eric and I wanted to carve more of these beautiful Covellite Crystal Skulls to share with you.

Limited availability of newly carved shapes in Covellite include:

  • 2 inch Covellite Crystal Skulls
  • 1 inch Covellite Crystal Skulls
  • Covellite Goddess Pendant Beads
  • Covellite Tumbled Stones, perfect for Wire Wraps or Pocket Pieces.

To view our currently available Covellite pieces, please click here.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Covellite:

Because Covellite is one of the Copper Minerals, and in fact a very pure form of Copper Ore, it is strongly associated with the Psychic realms. However, this is not the entire story.

Covellite is also a powerful healer, inviting us to dig deep within ourselves to uncover the more profound mysteries of our being, for through this essential journey inward we may find the strength to transform old sorrows into Light. This is where the energy necessary for fully awakened consciousness has been frozen - in old traumas, losses, shame and fear. These issues can even have their roots in past lives. Covellite is an excellent support for past life work and karmic healing; it can also help one access lifetimes spent in other realms - such as experiences in alternate dimensions or extraterrestrial lives.

Covellite carries a frequency which acts as a powerful stimulator of one's vision and psychic ability. It activates the third-eye and crown chakras and encourages visionary work such as remote viewing, alternate-life recall, lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Covellite is very grounding in that it connects strongly with physical reality and Earth energies and at the same time carries much of the higher spectrum of vibrations from the etheric plane and beyond.

Covellite is a potent psychic stimulator. It can assist in bringing conscious dreams into realities; allowing one to maintain humility of spirit and to recognize that energy, when properly understood, can bring miracles to ones life.

Heavy, Shiny, Cobalt Blue, Metal. Covellite is all these things and so much more. It is a stone of incredible Beauty and Wonder.

Covellite is also known as Covelline.

KeyWords for Covellite:
Psychic abilities, inner vision, transformation, bridging the Old world with the New.

Chakras: All

Covellite Tumbled Stone

Covellite Tumbled Stone

Covellite Goddess Bead

Covellite Goddess Pendant Bead

Covellite Crystal Skull

2 inch Covellite Crystal Skull

Covellite Crystal Skull

1 inch Covellite Crystal Skull

Original Post Date: January 26, 2014