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Himalayan Quartz Crystal Skulls

Posted by Susan Youngman on 21st Jan 2021

Himalayan Quartz Crystal Skulls

13 Himalayan Quartz Crystal Skulls ~ Crystal Skull Grid

Late in 1999 Eric & Susan were introduced to Tibetan Quartz in the form of small Double Terminated Crystals, also known as DT's. We were amazed by their unusually high vibration and perfectly tuned frequency. We felt the immediate clearing of all chakras and a restored balance to our physical and spiritual selves while holding and centering with these crystals. From that time forward we wondered what a Crystal Skull carved from Tibetan Quartz would feel like!

In 2010 we were presented with the opportunity to obtain large Himalayan Quartz Crystal in its rough form. We knew right away that we’d carve these wonderful new Life Size Tibetan Quartz Crystal Skulls. They have far exceeded all our expectations! Eric & I have each kept one for ourselves; they now sit at the center of our Crystal Skull Circle.

The Double Terminated Crystals we encountered in 1999 are still with us. We’ve been holding onto them all these years! And now we’ve figured out why…  We have placed the Tibetan DT Crystals alongside the Himalayan Quartz Skulls in grid formation. When a Himalayan Skull leaves our care for another crystal skull caretaker’s, we will be sending along one of the Tibetan Quartz DT’s with the skull. We find that connecting remotely to the crystal skulls is easier when we have a little crystal charged up with our crystal skull circle’s energies in our pockets, and the Himalayan skulls resonate so beautifully with the Tibetan Quartz DT’s.

Also, we are now offering the Tibetan Quartz Crystal DT’s individually on our website for anyone who would like to experience these beautiful energies.

Double Terminated Tibetan Quartz Crystals

The Importance of Himalayan Quartz at this time on Earth:

High on the rooftop of the world, amidst the majestic Himalayas, exists a very special spiritual vortex. The mountains there are timeless, enfolded within a universe almost apart from our own. It is here that the Earth meets with the Heavens: Earth's Crown Chakra.

The many peoples of the Himalayas have kept humanity’s collective energy connected to the Earth’s at this most sacred of places for thousands of years. Their highly developed level of consciousness in part comes from their close contact to this highly energetic place. Sahasrara (the Crown Chakra) emanates the True Will, or in other words, the Earth’s True Purpose.

The removal of ritual from these holy places has created some of the discord we are all experiencing energetically. This is why it is so important for Light Workers and people everywhere to maintain the ritual of connecting to the divine energy of the crown chakra on a regular basis. We must work to reconnect this link that was broken.

Tibetan Quartz is found in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and Nepal and resonates deeply with the amazing energies of this region. Powerful stones that are in the Earth there, and that hold the Divine resonance, are asking to be removed and brought to people who can work with them with loving hearts and spiritual alignment.

Metaphysical & Healing Properties of Tibetan Quartz Crystal:

Himalayan Quartz is a Storm element stone that provides rapid expansion of consciousness combined with an activation of the grounding cord. These crystals carry the ancient energy and records of the Himalayas within their crystalline matrix. For those with a strong affinity to this area of the planet, working with these crystals will feel like “coming home”.

Spiritual: Himalayan Quartz opens one to vastly expanded states of consciousness. These stones clear the auric field and fill the physical and energetic bodies with full-spectrum Light. Tibetan Quartz assists the physical body in integrating and using this Light as needed for spiritual growth or physical repair.

Emotional: Himalayan Quartzes aid in moving out of attachment to the emotions and into a higher perspective, were emotions are clues as to what still needs to be cleared and released from the energetic field. They assist in practicing non-attachment and non-resistance.

Physical: Himalayan Quartz is primarily for healing and repair of the nervous system, including the myelin sheath, the brain and the nerve ganglia that generate the electromagnetic energies of the chakras.

Affirmation: My auric field is cleansed, energized and filled with Light. I carry and share this Light with all whom I encounter.

A Meditation for Raising Consciousness and aligning with Earth’s True Purpose:

Meditating with crystals is a powerful way to connect with Earth’s sacred chakras and to come into full alignment with not only these beautiful places but also our True Selves.

As you sit with your Crystal or Crystal Skull, feel yourself grounding and connecting deeply with Mother Earth. Slowly begin to feel the Earth’s energies rise through your chakras; clearing and activating as her energies move through you. Then feel the golden-white light of the Universe gently showering down through your energy system, bathing you with its radiant Light leaving you clear and centered. Focus your energy now by bringing your awareness to your crystal or crystal skull, opening and connecting with your heart to your crystal and using it to ground and enhance your energetic connection with the Earth & Universe. Feel your combined energies spread and fill the room. When you feel comfortable, expand further by radiating Love and Light around the entire Earth. Imagine as you sit in this perfect peace and tranquility that the same vibrations filling you are spreading throughout the world and that the great light that has spread about you also envelopes Mother Earth as she soars majestically through Space and Time. Now peacefully float into bliss staying there for as long as is comfortable.

In this way you can both be healed and work to restore the sacred energies of Mother Earth.

The Tibetan Quartz Crystal Skulls help us in connecting with the deep and sacred essence of Mother Earth and to realize and focus on her greater part within the Universe. They ask us to re-awaken to our true selves and to fulfill our spiritual destiny. All beings are reaching towards Enlightenment in their own time and way, searching for the ultimate state of consciousness. Connect with these special energies, your higher selves, and join in reactivating the sacred Portals.

What is the Crown Chakra?


Chakras, or wheels of energy, correspond to energetic centers in the body. There are 7 main Chakras in the human system, starting from the base of the spine and moving upwards to the top of the head. If an area of our lives is out of balance, it can manifest as an imbalance in the corresponding chakra and lead to physical and/or emotional discomfort, pain or a feeling of uneasiness.

The Crown Chakra is the energetic center located over the crown of the head. The crown chakra (Sahasrara) is known as the Thousand Petal Lotus and can be visualized as a many petaled flower opening over the top of the head. When it is clear and open, it is our own personal Stargate, or vortex, into the higher dimensions.

The crown chakra is the center for trust, devotion, inspiration, happiness, and positivity. It's also the center for deeper connection with ourselves and deeper connection with a force of life that is greater than ourselves. For this reason, it can be quite useful to have tools to open the crown chakra.

Crown Chakra Affirmations "I am open and expanded" "I am open to the abundance of the Universe" "Love surrounds me and guides me" "I trust my inner wisdom" "I am Love and Light" "I am aware in every moment"

Himalayan Quartz Crystal SkullHimalayan Quartz Crystal SkullHimalayan Quartz Crystal Skull

Himalayan Quartz Crystal SkullHimalayan Quartz Crystal SkullHimalayan Quartz Crystal SkullHimalayan Quartz Crystal SkullTibetan Quartz Crystals