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Learning How to Work with Crystals, A Book Review

Posted by Susan Youngman on 20th Jan 2021

Learning How to Work with Crystals, A Book Review

Learning to work with crystals is an exciting way to interact with your collection of stones. When beginning any new venture, or delving deeper into a favorite topic, a reliable road map or users guide always comes in handy! Not to mention being an excellent source for inspiration! Over the years many people have asked us, “What is the best book on crystal healing?”

This is a good question, because there are many to choose from! But here are my favorite two; the ones I couldn’t live without:

Love is in the Earth


The Book of Stones

Of course, I believe that having access to each would be ideal. But, if only one is in the budget (or if you’re like me and you want to start off slow) there are a few considerations for choosing between the two of these great books. Here are a few highlights to help you decide:

Love is in the Earth • 726 pages • 858 Gemstones and their Formations/Variations – (This is really the selling point) • An easy to use Table of Contents for finding what you are looking for quickly • Index of applications - what stones work best for any given situation or ailment (This is really very useful!) • A concentrated and in depth look at Quartz and its myriad formations • Lists the Astrological and Numerological correlations of each Crystal • 2 Beginner’s Introductions: “Preparatory Methodology” and “Practical Applications” • List of Definitions – Most helpfully, a rundown on the Chakra System and Subtle Bodies

The Book of Stones • 427 pages • 333 Gemstones and their Formations/Variations • Gorgeous Glossy Photos! – (Very helpful in identification and visualization!) • Deeply insightful analysis of each mineral from two different points of view (This is really the selling point) • Lists the Elemental and Chakra correlations for each Crystal • Gives helpful Keywords for each stone • Each Stone’s Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical affects, along with an Affirmation • A “Getting Started” section: “What do I do with my stones?” & “Who are the Stones?”

At 726 pages, “Love is in the Earth” is super packed with knowledge! It is complete with an index for searching out stones quickly and easily, as well as providing a categorization of uses and correlations such as associated Astrological signs as well as a whole host of applied uses for many ailments from anxiety to weight control. Melody covers a whopping selection of 858 gemstones along with their color variations and a multitude of selected formations. There is a concentrated section dedicated exclusively to Quartz and its many forms. Quite simply, “Love is in the Earth” is a very comprehensive look at the mineral kingdom at large! A tour de force if you will. My edition is quite tattered and very well loved.

The only missing element from this very large book is the gorgeous glossy photos that you will not see. This is really a downside for “Love is in the Earth”. Given its size and scope, I believe photography was just out of the question. This is the reason for some of Melody’s other crystal book editions, which are much smaller in scope, but with included photos.

“The Book of Stones” is a little more thoughtful and in depth for each stone. It has a very heartfelt assessment for each crystal, especially on the part of Naisha Ahsian. Her descriptions always melt me! Offering insight where I may have overlooked without her help. The photos are really spectacular and are a great way to connect with minerals that aren’t yet in your current collection! They are an excellent focal point for directing energy and thought when attempting to truly “experience” crystals! Altogether, “The Book of Stones” feels more up to date, and has the added bonus of including a few newly discovered stones.

Overall, I don’t think you could go wrong by picking either of these books. Each is very well written, has an introduction to working with the Mineral Kingdom, and describes very well the metaphysical properties of each Gemstone and Crystal. The main differences are digestibility and presentation. Melody’s book is very thorough, but lacks shine. Whereas, Robert and Naisha’s book is very sleek and thoughtful, but doesn’t offer as many mineral selections. I refer to both at any given time. But when in doubt, listen to your intuition and inner guidance. It will never lead you astray!