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Large Ocean Jasper Crystal Gemstone Heart

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Size: 48 x 46 x 23 mm
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This Ocean Jasper Heart is Gorgeous, Big, and Bold! Finding superb quality pattern and color in Ocean Jasper these days is exceedingly difficult. So this piece is certainly a very rare gem!

Here is a beautiful stone from Madagascar. "Ocean" Jasper, as it was located on the sea / coast off this amazing island.

With the deposit being located at the edge of the ocean, it could only be seen and collected from at low tide. This remote area had no roads so the rough material had to be transported by boat. 

The mine / deposit was closed years ago as it had been completely depleted of Ocean Jasper. This stone is now and will become even more highly sought after for its extreme beauty.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Ocean Jasper:

Jaspers of all kinds have long been attributed to magical powers in just about every culture known to man. Ocean Jasper is a stone of vivid imagination and boundless wonder. It radiates soft, kind energies that heal the heart and soul. It is an excellent stone for meditation and connecting with the grounded centered energies of Mother Earth. It is especially good for focusing healing intent on our planet and oceans.

This beautiful Large Ocean Jasper Heart measures 48 x 46 x 23 mm.

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