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Merlinite Gaia Mother Earth Goddess Crystal Carving

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Size: 73 x 32 x 16 mm or 2.875 x 1.25 x .62 inches
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A Soul2Shine Original!
Mother Earth Goddesses Designed and Created by Soul2Shine

This beautiful goddess is hand carved from Gabbrolite also known as Merlinite. Gorgeous inky purples and blues swirl together in hypnotic patterns. She is the perfect Feminine expression of Love and Gentle Empowerment.

Size: 73 x 32 x 16 mm or 2.875 x 1.25 x .62 inches

This Mother Earth Goddess is hand carved with a polished flat back.

This gorgeous and complex stone consists primarily of feldspar and pyroxene. Essentially, it is a twice smelted Basalt (or Volcanic Rock). Merlinite displays the most beautiful patterns and colors, Mottled Purple's, Blue's, and shimmering Black.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Merlinite: M

erlinite carries the energies of Basalt and Feldspar. Merlinite encourages compassionate detachment and supports anyone going through intense changes. It also assists with emotional tranquility, stability and patience. It offers a sense of well being and peace. It helps to allow creativity to flow. It is protective and reflects negativity. It is associated with the Third Chakra (solar plexus).

An uplifting way to celebrate the divine feminie aspect within us all!

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