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Personal Collection ~ Ultra HD ~ Indonesian AGATIZED CORAL Carved Crystal Skull

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Size: 10-3/8 inches 20.13 pounds
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Here is the most impressive Agatized Coral skull we have ever produced! This giant has been a cherished member of my private collection since the carving was completed several years ago. This energetically-robust fossil comes from Indonesia. It has been abundantly blessed by Ma Nature with fantastic natural florette patterns as seen in my photos. A very commanding skull, sure to be the centerpiece of any collection.

Huge could be an understatement... it measures 10-3/8 inches long and weighs in at precisely 20.13 lbs. It has been carefully hand-carved in Raven's original (and much copied) "Premium" style, and shows amazing accuracy and realism in shape and details including Raven's trademark hollowed-out jaw and cheekbones. The nasal passages have been drilled through from the nose area to the underside. Even the underside of this fine skull has been painstakingly hollowed out and detailed to accurately resemble the real thing! The high gloss polish gives the perfect finishing touch to this fantastic Agatized Coral being!

Metaphysically, the Symbol of the Skull represents The Higher Mind. To attain the higher mind of spiritual awareness and psychic ability we must be released from the thrall of the lower cognitive mind. The Skull also symbolizes Change, which is truly the great healer of all situations, conditions, and troubles. Without Change in our lives, we do not spiritually grow.

In many cultures around the world, the Skull is seen as the House of the Soul and revered because of its tremendous importance to us as human beings.

It is my experience that working with a Crystal Skull is a multi-dimensional journey of discovery, enlightenment, and growth. They can be excellent catalysts for Healing, Dreamwork, Meditation, Past Life Recall, Spiritualism and Self-Improvement on many levels. Anyone with an interest in Metaphysics should have a Crystal Skull!

Metaphysically, Agatized Coral is known as The Stone of Diplomacy. It encourages a fair and sunny attitude towards others, which often brings a similar response from those one is in contact with. Agatized Coral is a powerful stone of communication and understanding, an excellent choice for anyone who works with the public!

Agatized Coral vibrates to the number 6, it is associated with Pisces.

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