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Raven's AAA+ Canadian Silver Ore Carved Crystal Skull

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Size: 1.375" or 38 mm front to back
Weight: 68 grams
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This offering consists of a very fine, and very rare, hand-carved Silver Ore skull. This ore was mined near Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

This amazing skull is a popular size, and EXTREMELY HEAVY for its dimensions.

It measures 1.375" or 38 mm in length and weighs in at precisely 68 grams. It has been painstakingly carved entirely by hand. The shape and proportions are anatomically correct, the features are perfectly detailed including Raven's hollowed-out cheekbones and jaw.

The polish is an awesome mirror-like high-gloss, complimenting the richness of the Silver Ore perfectly.

A very impressive heirloom-quality skull, and powerful metaphysical ally!

What is a crystal skull?

Crystal Skulls are powerful tools for enlightenment and spiritual expansion!

Metaphysically, the Symbol of the Skull represents The Higher Mind. To attain the higher mind of spiritual awareness and psychic ability we must be released from the thrall of the lower cognitive mind. The Skull also symbolizes Change, which is truly the great healer of all situations, conditions and troubles. Without Change in our lives, we do not spiritually grow. In many cultures around the world, the Skull is seen as the House of the Soul and revered because of it's tremendous importance to us as human beings.

It is my experience that working with a Crystal Skull is a multi-dimensional journey of discovery, enlightenment, and growth. They can be excellent catalysts for Healing, Dreamwork, Meditation, Past Life Recall, Spiritualism and Self-Improvement on many levels. Anyone with an interest in Metaphysics should have a Crystal Skull!

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Silver Ore:

Metaphysically, Silver Ore is known as The Stone of Lunar Energies. It is well known to closely connect us with the Moon, and the Goddess. Silver is said to act as a true mirror for the soul, showing the perfection that lives deep within all of us. The energy broadcast from Silver Ore has an introspective quality, allowing us to go deep within to view ourselves from a new perspective. It is a wonderfully nurturing ally, drawing out negativity and replacing it with pure Source energy. Allowing Silver Ore to act in this manner can be truly life-transforming as it can change our outward perspectives as well. There is a strong emotionally-healing influence closely connected to this metallic ore.

A must have for any Light Worker!

Silver fights negative energies on all levels. Some of you are probably familiar with the amazing anti-viral, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial attributes of Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver is nothing more than a small amount of Silver molecules suspended in water.

Silver Ore vibrates to the number four and eight, and it is associated with the Astrological signs of Aquarius, Pisces, and Cancer.

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