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Raven's Hand Carved Gigantic AAA Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull

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Size: 10.5" front to back
Weight: 22.1 pounds!
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Gigantic AAA Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull

This is the very finest Ocean Jasper for color and pattern!

This skull is loaded with crystaline caves & vugs galore.

This material came from Madagascar about 25 years ago.

The vug on the underside of the skull measures Length 2.2 x Width 2 x Depth 2.3 inches alone!

Size 10.5 inches front to back

Weight 22.1 Pounds

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Ocean Jasper:

Jaspers of all kinds have long been attributed to magical powers in just about every culture known to man. Ocean Jasper is a stone of vivid imagination and boundless wonder. It radiates soft, kind energies that heal the heart and soul. It is an excellent stone for meditation and connecting with the grounded centered energies of Mother Earth. It is especially good for focusing healing intent on our planet and oceans.

As seen in the photos the chin of this skull came off during the final stages of carving. This piece was carefully replaced with lapidary glue and finished over through the polishing stages with the utmost skill and care. This is the largest Ocean Jasper skull that Raven ever carved. It remained in Raven's personal collection since it was carved in May 2006.

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