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Raven's 4"+ Carved Classic Style Rosetta Stone Crystal Skull

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Size 4 1/8" front to back
Weight 1.58 LB
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Here is a beautiful Rosetta Stone skull, perfectly hand-carved in Raven's original Classic Style!

Rosetta Stone was only recently discovered and mined, it comes from Mexico. We are told by the miner that there was only a small deposit of this beautiful stone found, and the mine has sadly been depleted, no longer producing Rosetta Stone. It is an extremely lacey material, with fabulous colours and patterns that you can practically lose yourself in.

It was completely carved and polished by hand, and shows superb realism in both features and shape. It is substantial, measuring 4-1/8 inches long and weighing in at precisely 1.58 lbs. The style and quality of carving is excellent with great emphasis put on achieving a realistic shape and features. The jaw and cheekbones have been hollowed out adding much to the overall realism. The nasal passages have been drilled through from the nose area to the skull's underside. The bottom of this skull has been hollowed and detailed to resemble the real thing. A nice glossy polish adds the perfectly compliment to the intricate natural beauty of the stone!

Metaphysically, the Symbol of the Skull represents The Higher Mind. To attain the higher mind of spiritual awareness and psychic ability we must be released from the thrall of the lower cognitive mind. The Skull also symbolizes Change, which is truly the great healer of all situations, conditions, and troubles. Without Change in our lives, we do not spiritually grow.

In many cultures around the world, the Skull is seen as the House of the Soul and revered because of its tremendous importance to us as human beings.

It is my experience that working with a Crystal Skull is a multi-dimensional journey of discovery, enlightenment, and growth. They can be excellent catalysts for Healing, Dreamwork, Meditation, Past Life Recall, Spiritualism and Self-Improvement on many levels. Anyone with an interest in Metaphysics should have a Crystal Skull!

Metaphysically, Rosetta Stone is known as a Stone of Remembrance. It is a powerful aid for past-life recall. Many times difficulties that arise in this lifetime will stem back to a previous life experience. Healing occurs when the root of the problem is identified, and then the memory released.

Rosetta Stone vibrates to the number 7, it is associated with Capricorn and Gemini.

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