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Raven's Amphibole Crystal Skull Wand Angel Phantom Quartz

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Size 2-3/8" X  1-3/16" X 15/16"
Weight .11 LB
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Quartz Amphibole Phantom Crystal Wand

This material comes from Brazil. We carved this from a natural Amphibole Quartz Crystal.

Amphibole Quartz, aka Angel Phantom Quartz, is an incredibly rare and wildly beautiful crystal that can only be found in one place in Brazil. It is a special type of included Quartz that features minerals that are considered to be part of the Amphibole supergroup, making it a highly sought out and unique addition to any mineral collection.

The word 'Amphibole' comes from the Greek word 'amphibolos', meaning "ambiguous" - this name is likely due to the conglomerate of various inosilicate minerals that exist within. These minerals grow in prism, spray, or needle-like crystals composed of double chain SiO4 tetrahedra. They include Actinolite, Richterite, Tremolite, and Hornblende, plus Hematite, Limonite, Kaolinite, and Lithium. The colors (white, red, orange, yellow, brown, and green) and patterns present in Amphibole Quartz are a stunning treat for the crystal collector's eye. Most often, these patterns are reminiscent of wispy paint brush strokes, or plumes of smoke, and leave behind the imprint of crystals that were once forming long ago.

In the mineral world, these crystal imprints are known as 'Phantoms' and are considered to be the "ghosts" of the mineral kingdom. At one point in these crystals' history, a disruption occurred in their growth and new minerals washed over them, creating the opportunity for a brand new crystal to form around them. A variation in mineral composition allows for these crystalline ghosts to be visible to the naked eye.

Size 2-3/8" X  1-3/16" X 15/16"

Weight .11 LB


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