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Rose Quartz Scepter

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Size: 10-15 mm
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This is an incredibly rare find! Actual Crystals of Rose Quartz that are in Scepter Formation. 

This offering is for one Rose Quartz Scepter Crystal that is similar to the ones shown in the photo.

Very hard to capture the color of these with a camera. In the photo they appear to be purple. However, in person they are pink.

These Rose Quartz Scepter Crystals emanate a wonderful powerful loving energy.

These crystals were used in Atlantis and Lemuria. They were the symbols of the High Priests and Priestesses.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Quartz Scepter Crystals:

Quartz Scepter Crystals are naturally configured for transmission of directional energy. Quartz Scepter Crystals are used extensively for focused spot healing. They can focus the regenerative power of the Universal Life Force on a specific injury, either spiritual or physical. They are used to bring the spirituality of the Universe into the healing arena for positive applications. These crystals can be used for balancing all the Chakras. They have a special affinity to the heart Chakra. Hold these crystals at heart level with the point facing the heart. This will bring all the benefits of the crystal directly to the heart.

Quartz Scepters act as a purifier and they tune into the frequency of each individual. They will amplify the effects of individual stones and attune the treatment to the energy of an individual person. Quartz Scepters are nature's directional pointers. They are extraordinarily powerful personal talismans used for focusing one's power and energy on a single, important task or goal. They significantly amplify the Universal Life Force.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Rose Quartz Crystal:

Rose Quartz opens ones receptivity to the beauty of life which both surrounds us and comes from within us. It is a stone filled with the All-accepting Love of the Universe and promotes this field within its physical reality. Rose Quartz works with the emotional body and upper Chakras to heal and return us to our perfect states of Harmony.

These Rose Quartz Scepter Crystals measure between 10 to 15 mm long.

You will receive one Rose Quartz Scepter Crystal that is similar to the ones shown in the photo.

These crystals were mined in 1985 and they come to us from Brazil.

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