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Yttrian Fluorite Blue Chalcedony Sterling Silver Pendant

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Size: 1.625 x .562 inches including Silver bail
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This beautiful Sterling Silver jewelry pendant combines Yttrian Yttrium Fluorite & Blue Chalcedony two very lovely and incredibly hard to find stones.

Purple Yttrian Fluorite is a very rare stone. It is an uncommon blending of the two minerals Yttrian and Fluorite.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Yttrium Yttrian Fluorite:

Yttrium Fluorite transmutes negative energies back into the light of the Universe. It awakens the creative mind and allows the imagination to soar. Yttrian Fluorite cleanses ones environment of negativity. It is a stone for the creative mind, one which inspires and delights the senses. Fluorite is a stone of spiritual and psychic development, helping us to eliminate patterns which are no longer useful. It eliminates negativity and replaces it with the loving light of the universe.

An incredibly rare and powerful gemstone!

The accent stone is the highly sought after Turkish Blue Chalcedony.

Blue Chalcedony is a stone for healing the Soul and enlivening the Spirit. It works to activate and open the heart and throat chakras, providing for an elegance in speech which comes directly from the heart. It is a stone of intense Love!

An incredibly rare and powerful combination!

This Yttrian Fluorite & Blue Chalcedony Sterling Silver Pendant measures 1.625 x .562 inches including bail.

You will receive a Sterling Silver Pendant similar to the one shown in the photo.

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