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Black Moonstone Crystal Skull Silver Flash 3"

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Size: 3" front to back
Weight: 350 grams
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This gorgeous and unique Gemstone Crystal Skull is hand carved from the hypnotic stone Black Moonstone.

This Black Moonstone Crystal Skull has captured Moonlight in it!!!

Black Moonstone is a very rare find for an intricately detailed carving such as this. Moonstone naturally sheers along a flat plane making it very difficult to carve. 

Very chatoyant and flashy, the effect when moved around under any light source is almost hypnotic, the silver flash dances under the light and about the stone like captured moonlight.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Black Moonstone:

Black Moonstone is a stone of deep feminine energies. It enhances intuition and inner knowing. Black Moonstone helps one to connect with their own feelings and emotions. Black Moonstone is a stone for "feeling", and understanding via intuition and emotional "thoughts", rather than via intellectual reasoning. Balance, introspection, intuition, cleansing, lunar, and dreamtime are keywords associated with Black Moonstone.

This Crystal Skull is hand carved with the utmost attention to realism.

This is one of our High Definition Crystal Skull Carvings. Completely hand detailed with carved out jaw & cheekbones.

This Black Moonstone Crystal Skull measures 3 inches from to back.

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