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Blue Iolite Tumbled Stones 3 Pieces

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Size: approximately 15-20mm each
You will receive a set of 3 stones similar to the photos
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Here is a rare opportunity to add Blue Iolite to your collection!

These beautiful Iolite tumbled stones display awesome clarity when held to the light. They have a perfect glossy polish and an exciting deep blue violet color!

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Iolite:

Iolite is an excellent stone for renewing ones sense of mystic curiosity. It is often used to stimulate psychic visions.

When Leif Eriksson and the other legendary Viking explorers ventured far out into the Atlantic Ocean, away from any coastline that could help them determine position, they had a secret gem weapon: Iolite. The Viking mariners used thin pieces of iolite as the world's first polarizing filter. Looking through an iolite lens, they could determine the exact position of the sun, and navigate safely to the new world and back.

The property that made iolite so valuable to the Vikings is extreme pleochroism. Iolite has different colors in different directions in the crystal. A cube cut from iolite will look a violetish blue almost like sapphire from one side, clear as water from the other, and a honey yellow from the top. This property led some people to call iolite "water sapphire" in the past.

The name iolite comes from the Greek ios, which means violet. Iolite is usually a purplish blue when cut properly, with a softness to the color that can be quite attractive.

These lovely Blue Iolite rarities measure approximately 15-20mm each.