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Raven's Fluorescent Willemite Franklinite Calcite Alien Crystal Skull

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Size 3 1/4" or 83mm
Weight 1.08 LB or 492g
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Willemite Franklinite and Calcite Alien Crystal Skull

This extremely rare material comes from The Sterling Mine, Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, Frankin Mining District, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA. Rarely are specimens as perfectly eye popping as this! What an amazing stone carving!

This was a piece in Raven's personal collection for over 20 years.

Franklinite is a combination of Franklinite (Black octahedral crystals), Willemite (Red/Orange fibrous crytals, Fluorescing Bright Green), and Calcite (White crystaline, Fluorescing Orange). We photographed this in both white light and short wave black light.

Size 3 1/4" front to back, 83mm

Weight 1.08 LB, 492 grams


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