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Purple Charoite Gemstone Chip Bead Necklace 34"

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Size: 34" Strand, 5-10mm Beads
You will receive one similar to the photos.
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This necklace is carved from 100% Natural Purple Charoite from Russia.

The Bead size averages 5 mm. It would make a great addition to any Jewelry collection or a wonderful gift.

These strands are really a treat for the stone lover.

Charoite is an incredibly unique stone with Flowery purple Chatoyancy and incredible uplifting and expansive energies which ask you to go deep within. More Rare than ever, Charoite is quarried only from one location in Russia near Lake Baikal. The deposit is quickly being depleted.

This magnificent stone is as beautiful as it is rare. The energizing swirling patterns of Charoite both hypnotize and excite the senses. These amazing beads demonstrates gorgeous deep purples and swirling violets.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Charoite:

Charoite is a "stone for transformation," within this world, and from this world to the next.

So much more lovely in person!

You will receive one 34" charoite chip bead strand that is similar to the one shown in the photo.

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