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Rainbow Fluorite Angel Crystal Figurine

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Size: 2 inches tall x 1.25 inches wide x .75 inches deep
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This Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Angel is completely hand carved. These beautiful Fluorite Angels are powerful gemstone tools for creating Sacred Space. 

She embodies the pure form of prayer, evoking the love and light of creation. Beautiful rainbow bands of classic Fluorite color highlight this angel.   

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Fluorite:

Fluorite cleanses ones environment of negativity. It is a stone for the creative mind, one which inspires and delights the senses. Fluorite is a stone of spiritual and psychic development, helping us to eliminate patterns which are no longer useful. Fluorite eliminates negativity and replaces it with the loving light of the universe.

This collectible Angel measures 2 inches tall x 1.25 inches wide x .75 inches deep

This Beautiful free standing Angel figurine would make for a wonderful gift.

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