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Raven's Mystical Preseli Bluestone Crystal Skull Merlin Stonehenge

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Size 3.5" front to back
Weight 1.19 LB
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Here is an especially impressive specimen from our 'family' of Preseli Bluestone skulls, perfectly hand carved in Raven's original Classic Style!

Preseli Bluestone is truly legendary! It was used in constructing Stonehenge, approx. 5000 years ago. These amazing stones are found in only one part of the world: the scenic Preseli Hills, Pembrokeshire, Wales. For thousands of years these stones have been considered to be highly magickal and holy, serving as homes to the Gods and spirits. Welsh folklore tells us that they possess healing and magickal qualities. Modern experiences tend to confirm those legends, these are very special allies for Lightworkers, Healers, and all who are drawn to the Old Ways.

Preseli Bluestone is a Dolerite variety, it is a metamorphic igneous rock of Plagioclase Feldspar and Augite and is a Pyroxene mineral (calcium magnesium aluminosilicate). Legend has it that Merlin transported large stones from the Preseli Hills to Stonehenge for the construction of Camelot and King Arthur's Round Table. Of the 7 circles that make up Stonehenge, the 5th circle and inner horseshoe are constructed from Preseli Bluestone.

This skull is substantial, it measures 3-1/2 inches long and weighs in at precisely 1.19 lbs. It has been entirely hand carved, and then hand polished to a wonderful gloss. It shows highly defined detailing in both features and shape, and possesses Raven's trademark hollowed-out jaw and cheekbones. The nasal passages have been drilled through from the nose area to the bottom of the skull. Even the underside has been hollowed and detailed.

Metaphysically, the Symbol of the Skull represents The Higher Mind. To attain the higher mind of spiritual awareness and psychic ability we must be released from the thrall of the lower cognitive mind. The Skull also symbolizes Change, which is truly the great healer of all situations, conditions and troubles. Without Change in our lives, we do not spiritually grow.

In many cultures around the world, the Skull is seen as the House of the Soul and revered because of its tremendous importance to us as human beings. It is my experience that working with a Crystal Skull is a multi-dimensional journey of discovery, enlightenment, and growth. They can be excellent catalysts for Healing, Dreamwork, Meditation, Past Life Recall, Spiritualism and Self-Improvement on many levels. Anyone with an interest in Metaphysics should have a Crystal Skull!

Metaphysically, Preseli Bluestone is The Stone of Ancestral Wisdom, Magical Healing, and the Doorway to Other Realms. It is like an ancient voice from the distant past, calling us back to the place and time where magickal thought and being are perfectly natural and accepted. Journeying or meditating with this amazing stone can help us to connect with our Ancestors and Spirit Guides. In this way, it can perform as a type of shamanistic 'time travel' aide, or a doorway to other dimensions. It assists us in accessing collective ancestral memories and retrieving that which may serve us in the here and now. This stone has both relaxing and energizing qualities, it helps us to cut through emotional issues and difficult entanglements and keeps us grounded, focused, and calm while doing so. Preseli Bluestone shows us our potential, and encourages us to strive to achieve it. An unequalled addition for the Lightworker's 'toolbox'!

It vibrates to the numbers 5 and 6, and is associated with Leo, Taurus, and Capricorn.