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Vintage 80's Sugilite Rhodochrosite Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant

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Size: 42 x 13 x 14 mm
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This is a gorgeous Sterling Silver pendant of old stock African Purple Sugilite with a radiant gem pink Rhodochrosite accent stone! Hand set in Sterling Silver, it is absolutely stunning! Sugilite is a rare and highly sought after gemstone. Its hypnotic and alluring shades of royal purple are second to none in the mineral kingdom.

Sugilite is only found in the Kalahari Region of South Africa.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Sugilite:

Sugilite has numerous beneficial properties. Among them are protection from negative influences in one's environment. It is a very important stone for Feng Shui, as it aids one in creating a positive individual space amidst the chaos of a large city. The protective aspects of Sugilite are exceptional. Carrying or wearing a piece of Sugilite sets up a sort of "Shield of Light" around the wearer, making one impervious to the disharmony of others. This sort of protection is especially important for gentle souls who tend to take on whatever energies are around them.

Sugilite also aids in calming ones emotions and infusing the spirit with Love. Sugilite attracts healing powers and is wonderful for spiritual grounding. Sugilite brings in the awakening of the crown chakra, the emanation of the pure Violet Ray, and a strong influence of healing.

Metaphysical and Healing properties of Rhodochrosite:

Rhodochrosite is a powerful Heart Healer, forming a bridge between the lower chakras of Fire and the upper chakras of Water. Because of its relationship to both elements, it has the capacity to cool emotional heat and provide insight into issues of the heart and will. The vibration of Rhodochrosite aids in healing emotional wounds. Its frequencies resonate with the Child within, allowing one to recovers one's sense of playfulness and joy in life.

Through its healing energies we are enabled to reclaim innate talents and abilities that have been left behind because of past traumas or emotional wounds. Rhodochrosite carries the frequency of the Courageous Heart. It encourages one to take action on ones Heart-Knowledge without fear. Rhodochrosite is a stone of Love and Balance, which dispels the fear of daring to Dream Big Dreams. Working with this stone brings the vibration of Joy into one's daily life.

An intense combination!

This amazing Sugilite & Rhodochrosite silver pendant measures 42 x 13 x 14 mm including the sterling silver setting. This is an excellent piece of old stock Gem Purple Sugilite. The Sugilite was mined back in the 1980's, when Sugilite was first becoming available and the color coming out of this region was at its most divine. This piece is handmade with Love from Sterling Silver, there may be slight imperfections in the silver work.

So much more lovely in person!

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